Meet The SMART App

See a top level overview of the status of all of your greenhouses.


The Next Generation Farming app lets you operate and monitor your smart greenhouse deployment, from on-site at your location, in your office, or even at home in your living room.

The app is designed as a tool for the owner, operator, and farmer to quickly assess the state of the greenhouse and their crop. The Next Generation Farming smart greenhouse app enables the customer to be quickly alerted, and respond effectively to any issue before it becomes a risk to their harvest. The Next Generation Farming smart greenhouse app provides the technology you need to run a greenhouse operation at scale and empowers the farmer to focus on his yield, not on his equipment.

For the operator & technician:

Stay on top of your operation with a full view of every greenhouse under your responsibility. Tap in to get an informative view of any individual greenhouse, and it’s sensor readings and measurements. Quickly determine if your controls need adjustment to tune the ideal conditions for crop growth.

For the owner:

Rest assured your greenhouses are operating at production capacity. Get a bird's eye view of your whole fleet of greenhouses and crops. Zoom into a camera view of your crops to see their healthy growth over time.

Status Screen

See a top level overview of the status of all of your greenhouses.

Quickly determine if any of your properties need maintenance, if an alert has been raised, or if the system is running healthy in production.


View detailed information about the status of each Greenhouse

Tap on a greenhouse module to view detailed information about the status of the greenhouse, its sensors, and its components. This screen will aid the operator to determine if the proper conditions are set for the crop.


Manage alerts and get notified when conditions aren't optimal

A temperature goes out of range, a fan stops, or a sensor goes out of range. Rest assured that your greenhouse is running autonomously.


Inspect your greenhouse with camera access

View a live feed of your crops directly from the Next Generation Farming app on your phone or tablet. See your healthy crops growing from a hundred miles away.

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