John Taylor, Chief Executive Officer and President, has been engineering and entrepreneurial-minded since childhood. If there was something to create from scratch and was relative to one of the many hobbies John embraced, he was all-in. Some things never change. Having grown up in Northern California, John’s love of the outdoors has been amplified by his passion for agriculture technology. The combination of passions has forged the path toward his current role as the President and CEO of Smart Cannabis and its subsidiaries, Next Generation Farming and Sap Investments. With these companies, John has created an intersection of many of his favorite things - agritech, manufacturing, and cannabis cultivation management solutions.

Out of college, John went into banking where he learned processes and procedures while quickly climbing the ladder from branch teller to regional supervisor. Later, John studied in Germany where he became proficient in lean and just-in-time manufacturing techniques. These skills set him on a path to start his first manufacturing and distribution operation, Taylor Wings. John was successful in making a idea come to fruition whilst being highly profitable.

Now, leading Smart Cannabis, John designs and manufacturers some of the world’s most sophisticated greenhouses and technology to both mitigate odors and be able to manage crops remotely. Smart Cannabis subsidiaries both install greenhouses as well as manage end-to-end management needs of clients in the cannabis space. John has built a reputation in the agriculture community as being a dependable, resourceful, company leader who delivers products and services as promised. Actualizing dreams of clients is motivates John’s ever-evolving desire to innovate as a response to needs and challenges. Precision, vision, and a devout commitment to excellence set John Taylor, and the companies he builds, apart from the rest.


Stephanie Rudat, Chief Operating Officer, 

blends an array of business, social enterprise, and life experiences to implement effective intrapreneurial structures within growing entities eager to professionalize and scale. With an education and extensive experience in media and communications, her professional sphere spans many industries - film, real estate, nonprofits, digital media, telecommunications, and more - making her a versatile, omnipresent leader. Stephanie is the driving force behind many inventive visionaries, focused and capable of devising and executing upon plans to bring ideas to fruition.

After working in the film industry, earning a Gold Record from the Recording Industry Association of America for her work on That Thing You Do! and then building a robust Orange County, California real estate firm with her mother, she co-founded, a global network that promotes innovative uses of technology to safeguard human rights, promote good governance, and foster civic empowerment. Stephanie later founded {think} CONSORTIUM to empower influential leaders and activists in technology, media, and the private and public sectors to promote tolerance, strengthen networks, provide trainings and develop partnerships. Intrigued by the meaningful outcomes of facilitating cross-sector relationships, she made a deep dive into several percolating nonprofits and used her business development and communications experience to help improve fundraising and scale mindfully. She has delivered talks, trainings, and in-office organizational development exercises on four continents as well as served on several boards and committees.

Shifting back toward the private sector, Stephanie served as the COO for Oluvus, a telecommunications company born out of the acclaimed nonprofit, A Human Right. She has also spent the past several years consulting with firms eager to establish policies and procedures, along with developing effective communication strategies, which aid in realizing goals for growth. Laser focused on details and cohesion, the idea you share with her will germinate within her mind until you see her next, when she’s likely grown the seed of an idea into a full-blown plan or alternative plans. In all, Stephanie always keeps the end goal in mind works hard to cause positive outcomes.


Sean Freitas is a multifaceted architect with a long vision to not only deliver impeccably designed properties but to see projects through from conception to delivery, reaching into the influential aspects of development including acquisition, compliance, and management within complex building environments. He employs administrative and field experience in the design, programming, cost estimation, scheduling, review, construction, and maintenance of buildings, structures, and site improvements. Sean’s design and communication skills focus on rapid conceptualization, environmental sensitivity, comprehensive cost identification, and value-driven project delivery.

He is dedicated to improving our environment and the quality of architecture and takes a ‘all hands on deck’ approach to projects by integrating his skills in project management into the evolution of complex building environments. A team player in high demand, Sean values client relationships, cultivates trust by performing honestly and consistently, and manages expectations proactively.

Sean is a licensed member of  State of California Architects Board, holds a A, B, C-10, and C-16 General Contractor’s License, and is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California.


Jared Schneider has lifelong experience in fabricating steel to provide solutions to project development challenges in addition to innovating products from virtually nothing. Having grown up on his family’s multigenerational ranch, Jared spent seven years managing the property, learning to finesse equipment, doing grating, and manufacturing steel to repair and construct whatever was needed to keep the ranch running optimally. After working for family and learning the field operations of both a ranch and general construction, Jared applied those experiences to evolve his own company. Today, he can be found leveraging his unique variety of skills to use steel in order to fabricate under and above ground structures necessary to construct and erect exceptionally well-built products like greenhouses, barns, and commercial structures.

After originally securing his C-13 contractors license, Jared pursued his general engineering license so he could increase the scope and scale of his impact. Having built a high-demand company that provides a myriad of practical solutions for agricultural and commercial businesses, Jared is committed to maintaining his impeccable professional reputation by always staying above the fray, fulfilling commitments, abiding rules and regulations, and working closely with clients, architects, and fellow engineers to invent and inspire new solutions to challenges in the construction space. In all, Jared’s sights are set high and he's in overdrive as he conquers each goal and challenge.