Sean Freitas is a multifaceted architect with a long vision to not only deliver impeccably designed properties but to see projects through from conception to delivery, reaching into the influential aspects of development including acquisition, compliance, and management within complex building environments. He employs administrative and field experience in the design, programming, cost estimation, scheduling, review, construction, and maintenance of buildings, structures, and site improvements. Sean’s design and communication skills focus on rapid conceptualization, environmental sensitivity, comprehensive cost identification, and value-driven project delivery.

He is dedicated to improving our environment and the quality of architecture and takes a ‘all hands on deck’ approach to projects by integrating his skills in project management into the evolution of complex building environments. A team player in high demand, Sean values client relationships, cultivates trust by performing honestly and consistently, and manages expectations proactively.

Sean is a licensed member of  State of California Architects Board, holds a A, B, C-10, and C-16 General Contractor’s License, and is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California.


Jared Schneider has lifelong experience in fabricating steel to provide solutions to project development challenges in addition to innovating products from virtually nothing. Having grown up on his family’s multigenerational ranch, Jared spent seven years managing the property, learning to finesse equipment, doing grating, and manufacturing steel to repair and construct whatever was needed to keep the ranch running optimally. After working for family and learning the field operations of both a ranch and general construction, Jared applied those experiences to evolve his own company. Today, he can be found leveraging his unique variety of skills to use steel in order to fabricate under and above ground structures necessary to construct and erect exceptionally well-built products like greenhouses, barns, and commercial structures.

After originally securing his C-13 contractors license, Jared pursued his general engineering license so he could increase the scope and scale of his impact. Having built a high-demand company that provides a myriad of practical solutions for agricultural and commercial businesses, Jared is committed to maintaining his impeccable professional reputation by always staying above the fray, fulfilling commitments, abiding rules and regulations, and working closely with clients, architects, and fellow engineers to invent and inspire new solutions to challenges in the construction space. In all, Jared’s sights are set high and he's in overdrive as he conquers each goal and challenge.


Randy Bettis is a mechanical engineer with over thirty years experience as a HVAC / Hydronic professional. The third generation of his family in the industry, Randy's diverse background in construction, product development, systems design, and sales has enabled him to build a highly reputable, wide reaching company servicing both Nevada and California.

An enthusiastic problem solver, Randy is the go-to for many contractors and product developers facing challenges with implementing heating and cooling meetings. From design to manufacturing to installation, he has an impeccable reputation for seeing a project from idea to fruition all while meeting tight deadlines.

Randy's knowledge of industry products systems allow him to solve problems efficiently and delivering beyond expectations. Gifted with the capability of explaining the functions of intricately engineered systems in a digestible and straightforward manner, he prides himself on having satisfied, informed clients.

Randy holds a Universal EPA License and has completed multiple trainings including HTP Advanced Boiler Training, HTP Vision 1 Control Training, Buderas Boiler Training, Tekmar 5-Day TN4 Advanced Controls Training, York™ Bootcamp, Mitsubishi City Multi Commercial Field Service Course, and is a Mitsubishi Diamond Designer.