Next Generation Farming

Cross-Pollination Resistant SMART Greenhouse

The Cross-Pollinaton Resistant “SMART by Design” Greenhouse is the latest in Next Generation Farming's innovating commercial cannabis technology.  This state-of-the-art, high volume greenhouse model is designed to isolate your crops from airborne pollens, including hemp, spores, pests, and other particle contaminants without sacrificing the fresh airflow necessary for optimal plant growth.

SMART Micro Boiler

The SMART Micro Boiler by Next Generation Farming provides an excellent way to keep your crops' roots warm through cold seasons. Installed with a natural-gas fueled boiler system connected to heat pipes in the soil bed, you can control the set-points for your soil temperature, and the boiler will pump hot water through the soil-embedded piping, keeping your root zone warmed to specifications, and your plants in optimal growth conditions.

Gutter Connect Series SMART Greenhouse

The Gutter Connect Series “SMART by Design” greenhouse offered by Next Generation Farming represents the latest of our competitive offerings. Our Gutter Connect system allows buyers to install more greenhouse space per square foot of land by combing adjacent greenhouses side-by-side. Gutter Connection also provides an excellent opportunity to retrofit your existing greenhouse property with a more modern and space-efficient system. Combined with our SMART by Design technology for state of the art greenhouse monitoring, the Gutter Connect series offers top value to customers looking to get the most out of their property.

Calaveras Mountain Series SMART Greenhouse

  • 2.000” x 3.000” .074 Galvanized Trusses
  • 11 ga. Galvanized CNC Manufactured brackets with tolerances of +/-.003
  • Flush mounted hat channel purlin design
  • Pre-Punched trusses to match the CNC bracket kits for QUICK Installation
  • 2.875 x .120 wall Galvanized support columns (Hydraulic Post Drivers will not bend)
  • Parts kit together for EASY shipping (No Curved) truss parts that do not Palletize
  • Huge Freight Savings
  • 4' Sidewalls

Quick-Deploy Series SMART Greenhouse

  • 2.000” x 3.000” .074 Galvanized Trusses
  • 8’ Clear Side Walls
  • 11 ga. Galvanized CNC Manufactured brackets with tolerances of +/-.003
  • Flush mounted hat channel purlin design
  • Pre-Punched trusses to match the CNC bracket kits for QUICK Installation
  • 2.875 x .120 wall Galvanized support columns (Hydraulic Post Drivers will not bend)
  • Parts kit together for EASY shipping (No Curved) truss parts that do not Palletize
  • Huge Freight Savings

SMART Filtered-Air Recirculation System

The SMART Filtered-Air Recirculation System by Next Generation Farming provides a solution to reduce the emission of potential nuisance odors and airborne microbes associated with cannabis cultivation via a closed-loop, underground, dehumidifying, air-filtration system.

SMART Multi Spectrum Grow Light

This multi-spectrum SMART by Design™ greenhouse grow light is custom designed for Next Generation Farming SMART greenhouses. Featuring two modes of operation, the light can be toggled to operate in one spectrum optimized for overall growth, and another optimized for blooming, shortening the time required for a full growth cycle. The light fixture has integrated fans for active cooling to extend the life of the LED lights and improve local air circulation for better plant respiration.

SMART Greenhouse Projects

Days to Install: 15

Monterey County 1

18 SMART Greenhouses
65,880 Square Feet

Yolo County 2

8 SMART Greenhouses 23,040 Square Feet

South Placer 2

3 SMART Greenhouses 8,640 Total Square Feet

Yuba 2

2 SMART Greenhouse 7,200 Total Square Feet

Northern California 2

1 SMART Greenhouse 2,880 Total Square Feet

Northern California 1

2 SMART Greenhouses 7,000 Total Square Feet

Yuba 1

2 SMART Greenhouses 5,760 Total Square Feet

Calaveras County West

6 SMART Greenhouses 21,600 Total Square Feet

Yolo County Central

18 SMART Greenhouses 51,840 Total Square Feet

Coachella Greenhouse!

Next Generation Farming is proud to present the #CoachellaGreenhouse @ Weedmaps Coachella Oasis!

Calaveras County East

6 SMART Greenhouses 21,600 Total Square Feet

South Placer 1

2 SMART Greenhouses 5,760 Total Square Feet

The Next Generation Farming Story

How does a self-funded company go from a start-up to a profitable, self-sustaining business in 3 months?

The answer dates back to post-World War II Japan.  Faced with limited cash, space and natural resources, Japanese manufacturers adopted a different approach.  They made smaller factories and house only the raw materials needed for the day's production.  Combined with a focus on eliminating waste, a strategy later known as Just-in-Time manufacturing was born.

In the late 1940's, Toyota adopted this strategy into it's Toyota Production System.  Using the efficiency of just-in-time manufacturing and focusing on removing wasteful elements in manufacturing, Toyota grew from a small auto company to the world's largest automaker. In the process, they paved the way for what is now called Lean Manufacturing.

Nobody knows more about first-hand implementation of Lean Manufacturing than SmartCannabis President, John Taylor.  Interested in how manufacturing companies were improving their operations, Taylor travelled to Europe several times and studied the operations at one of the world's largest machine tool providers, the Trumpf Group.

The Trumpf Group created very high quality tools, but with over 10,000 employee and no systemized production system, they faced delays and excess inventories.  Trumpf began implementing the principles of lean manufacturing and it was dubbed the Synchro production system.  Taylor watched as department after department, plant after plant was transformed into a clockwork of precision.

In 2007, John applied his first-hand knowledge to help local manufacturer Taylor Wings survive the sharp economic downturn. Lean-manufacturing principles allowed Taylor Wings to operate like an orchestra, in perfect synchronization.

Fast forward nearly 10-years and trend toward greenhouse cultivation was an industry trend he couldn't ignore.  He knew he draw on his experience, build a better greenhouse and a better greenhouse company.  With use of his synchro knowledge he quickly developed Just in Time Systems geared specifically for commercial Cannabis production with acknowledged global Lean Standards.   Not long after, Next Generation Farming was born.

Our Commitment to You

At NextGen we are committed to help all our customers grow their business. We specialize in providing all your capital equipment needs for growing the best crop you can. We supply greenhouses, benches, grow lights, irrigation, heating and automated environmental controls tailored to your needs as a customized solution for you.

We have sales for all types of agricultural crops from herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, to potted plants. We provide turnkey greenhouse facilities.

And we have experience with assisting growers with permit requirements and regulatory requirements for Medical Marijuana for both warehouse cannabis growing and growing cannabis inside a greenhouse.   

On Time & On Budget

Next Generation Farming can appreciate that growers often have short timeframes to get projects completed.

We take pride in our precise scheduling of projects to ensure that our customers get what they’re expecting when they expect it.

We also strive to provide you with the most accurate costs from the start, so you know the project will stay within your budget.

Everyone wants the most value for their hard-earned money, and many satisfied customers agree that NextGen provides incredible value in every structure we build.

Our Difference

We make it our job to ensure you get the best growing environment for your individual needs with individual care. If you have built with other greenhouse manufacturers, let us show you the NextGen difference.

Building and Repair

For all your construction needs, call NextGen. Whether you're looking for a supervisor to set anchor posts or guide your workers, or a complete turnkey project, or anything in between, we have the solution.


For growers and retailers who want the security of a professional maintenance team, NextGen is at your service. We offer an entire end to end service that is unparalleled by any other company in the industry today.

Commercial Greenhouse Design

When we design greenhouse structures, our first priority at NextGen is to ensure the quality of the plant environment. Creating an environment that fosters the growth of plants & protects them from the elements should be the primary function of any greenhouse. Whether you select one of our smart greenhouses, or require a customized greenhouse design, the NextGen design team provides a full set of greenhouse plans.

At the end of the day, a greenhouse is nothing more than metal and plastic.  So what makes our greenhouses so popular?

They are:

  •  Designed and manufactured in-house in Northern California.
  • Pre-drilled so that they can be bolted together easily, without the need for special tools.
  • Designed for maximum logistical efficiency and transportation of building supplies.
  • Accompanied by engineered drawings to expedite the permit process where required.
  • Fully upgradable: Start with a simple deployment and add climate control and automation when needed.


Our stellar reputation, which we have earned due to the consistent quality of our commercial greenhouse structures, has made us the first choice for greenhouse growers.  We provide a complete set of construction plans for all of our greenhouse structures.

This helps to ensure that the greenhouse construction goes as smoothly as possible. We also provide our clients with the option to hire a NextGen greenhouse construction crew in which we will oversee every part of the greenhouse building process, from the design the greenhouse all the way through construction.

In addition to greenhouse construction, NextGen also offers:

  •       Greenhouse poly installation
  •       Project management
  •       Greenhouse plans
  •       Turnkey greenhouse design / build services

The NextGen greenhouse construction crews are experienced greenhouse builders who work closely with growers to ensure every greenhouse project is completed to your satisfaction.

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