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Smart Cannabis Corp. Welcomes Canada’s Influence on America’s Growing Cannabis Market, Eyes Opportunity to Scale

SACRAMENTO, CA — (November 5, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) is encouraged by Canada’s legalization of cannabis and, specifically, the use of greenhouses to cultivate consistent crops more frequently than outdoors. The company recognizes Canada’s recent legalization as positively influential on the expanding U.S. cannabis market and, potentially, the company. With marijuana legalization on…

Smart Cannabis Corp. Secures Sale for Eight SMART App Hardware Systems with One-Year Subscription Services

SACRAMENTO, CA — (October 30, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) announced the sale of eight (8) of their SMART App automation systems to a Northern California cannabis cultivator. The system, in its entirety, includes software, automation equipment, cameras, and servers. The client will also contract subscription services for a one-year term for each system.…

Smart Cannabis Corp. Brings SMART Micro Boiler to Market

SACRAMENTO, CA — (October 22, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) has announced a new product line to their agritech portfolio. The SMART Micro Boiler is designed to remediate low cannabis yields cultivators typically face when temperatures are too cool for the root system to absorb nutrients. Fully integrated into the company’s SMART App, which…

Smart Cannabis Corp. Shares Progress Report on Sales and Innovations Driving Notable 2018 Growth

SACRAMENTO, CA — (October 16, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) has shared the prominent outcomes and status updates for several projects that are driving up 2018 revenues. This is an effort to keep shareholders up-to-speed with recent progress achieved since May 2018. The company has released two new products and services, the Geo-Thermal Air…

Smart Cannabis Corp. Sells 126 Multi Spectrum Grow Light Fixtures to Yolo County Cannabis Cultivator

SACRAMENTO, CA — (October 15, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) announced an increase to the original order of 36 Multi Spectrum Grow Lights due to the growing scope of their current installation in Yolo County. The client has increased the order to 126 fixtures. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Next Generation Farming, introduced the…

Smart Cannabis Corp. Sells 648 Multi Spectrum Grow Light Fixtures to Northern California Cannabis Cultivator

SACRAMENTO, CA — (October 2, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) announced a sale of their new-to-the-market Multi Spectrum Grow Lights to a Salinas, California client. To accommodate all of the retrofitted and new greenhouses being installed by Next Generation Farming, the client has ordered 648 of the company’s Multi Spectrum Grow Lights. The company’s…

Salinas Cannabis Cultivation Progresses and Expands Beyond Original Scope, Estimated $1.8 Million Installation

SACRAMENTO, CA — (September 18, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) shared a significant increase in the scope of the project in Salinas, California, announced in August. The subsidiary, Next Generation Farming, has secured the construction installation estimated to be $1.8 million. In the weeks leading up to today, the team has headed the property,…

YOLO County Cannabis Greenhouse Installation Advances, Marks Largest Sale This Year for Smart Cannabis Corp.

SACRAMENTO, CA — (August 29, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) announced significant development in fulfilling the contract with CompassLeaf LLC at their Yolo County, CA cannabis cultivation site. On track to be completed in September, the company reports this sale to be in excess of $600,000, a deposit has been received. Included within contract…

Enterprise Cannabis Cultivation

Enterprise Cannabis Cultivation from Next Generation Farming on Vimeo.

Guinda – Yolo County 8 Greenhouses

Guinda – Yolo County 8 Greenhouses from Next Generation Farming on Vimeo.

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