SMART Micro Boiler

The SMART Micro Boiler by Next Generation Farming provides an excellent way to keep your crops' roots warm through a cold winter. Cannabis crops in particular are very sensitive to "root zone temperature", which affects the ability of the plant's roots to absorb nutrients and minerals from the soil. In cold soil, low temperatures will slow the roots' chemical and enzyme processes which are essential for healthy plant life. Not only cannabis, but also tomatoes, another common greenhouse crop, have been demonstrated to grow optimally at warmer root zone temperatures.


Customers who order a SMART Micro Boiler option can rest-assured that their crop cycles during the cold seasons (or for those who are further North, all year-round), will produce larger and more reliable yields without the risk of chilly soil starving their plants of the energy and nutrition they need to live.


How It Works

Your SMART Greenhouse will be installed with a natural-gas fueled boiler system connected to a network of heat distribution pipes in the soil bed. Using our SMART App, you can control the set-points for your soil temperature, and the boiler will pump hot water through the soil-embedded piping, keeping your root zone warmed to specifications.


Fuel Type Natural Gas or Propane
Heating Capacity 20,000 to 160,000 BTU/hr
Min. Water Temp. 34° F
Max. Programmable Temp. 190° F
Flow Rate 4-19 GPM
Power Use - Full Fire 73 W (less pump)