SMART Filtered-Air Recirculation System

The SMART Filtered-Air Recirculation System by Next Generation Farming provides a solution to reduce the emission of potential nuisance odors and airborne microbes associated with cannabis cultivation via a closed-loop, underground, dehumidifying, air-filtration system.


This system circulates air throughout the greenhouse through an air intake on one end, and passes air into a network high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing installed in the earth underneath the greenhouse. The underground tubing acts as a low-energy dehumidifier by exchanging heat from the air into the ground and causing condensation. The tubing may be coated with an anti-microbial epoxy which prevents growth of algae and bacteria. The dehumidified air is finally passed through a carbon filter to remove airborne terpenes, spores, and other particles before the treated air is re-intaken at the other end of the greenhouse.


This add-on system is recommended for any installation where environmental odors are a concern, in high-humidity locations, or when greenhouses are at special risk to airborne spores and demand active air filtration.


Particle Filter Size 0.3 microns
Carbon Filter Lifetime 6 months
Typical Air Flow 350 CFM1
Tube Network Length 900 feet

1 Pump CFM requirements may vary depending on the climate of installation.