Gutter Connect Series SMART Greenhouse

The Gutter Connect Series “SMART by Design” greenhouse offered by Next Generation Farming represents the latest of our competitive offerings. Our Gutter Connect system allows buyers to install more greenhouse space per square foot of land by combing adjacent greenhouses side-by-side. Gutter Connection also provides an excellent opportunity to retrofit your existing greenhouse property with a more modern and space-efficient system. Combined with our SMART by Design technology for state of the art greenhouse monitoring, the Gutter Connect series offers top value to customers looking to get the most out of their property.


  • Gutter Connect™️ allows more sq. footage of greenhouse space per acre
  • 2.000” x 3.000” .074 Galvanized Trusses
  • 8’ Clear Side Walls
  • 11 ga. Galvanized CNC Manufactured brackets with tolerances of +/-.003
  • Flush mounted hat channel purlin design
  • Pre-Punched trusses to match the CNC bracket kits for QUICK Installation
  • 2.875 x .120 wall Galvanized support columns (Hydraulic Post Drivers will not bend)
  • Parts kit together for EASY shipping (No Curved) truss parts that do not palletize
  • Huge Freight Savings


  • Evaporative Cooling System
  • Automated Light Deprivation System
  • iGrow 1400 Environment Controller
  • Beamflicker™ Grow Lighting
  • Bolt-in Reinforcing Trusses
  • Front End Wall Galvanized Stud kit
  • Rear End Wall Galvanized Stud Kit
  • 8’ PolyCarbonate Side Wall Upgrade Kit
  • 12’ Connecting Span Truss Brackets for Light Hangers / Light Movers suspended below Light Deprivation Curtains