Cross-Pollination Resistant SMART Greenhouse

The Cross-Pollinaton Resistant “SMART by Design” Greenhouse is the latest in Next Generation Farming's innovating commercial cannabis technology.  This state-of-the-art, high volume greenhouse model is designed to isolate your crops from airborne pollens, spores, pests, and other particle contaminants without sacrificing the fresh airflow necessary for optimal plant growth.

Industrial Hemp is a growing risk factor to outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation, as a hemp farm has the potential to cross-pollinate female cannabis flowers as far as 15 miles away or more, causing the plants to "seed out" and ruining your yield. Contention between hemp farmers and cannabis farmers raises conflicts which make difficult choices both for farmers and local governments.

This proprietary design from Next Generation Farming, based on the Gutter Connect Series, addresses the threat of cross-pollination head-on, and ensures you will have a highly productive, low risk cultivation year round in any environment.


  • Proprietary design for isolation from hemp pollen
  • Gutter Connect™️ allows more sq. footage of greenhouse space per acre
  • SMART App integration for remote ronitoring
  • SMART Micro Boilers provide year-round heating
  • Underground SMART Filtered-air Circulation System


  • Evaporative Cooling System
  • Automated Light Deprivation System
  • iGrow 1400 Environment Controller
  • SMART Multi-Spectrum Grow Lighting