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The Short History of Aquaponics

The traditional way of cultivating fish was through netted pens or ponds. But in the last 35 years, new ways of raising fish were developed. And one of them is the recirculating aquaculture system or RAS. One advantage of using RAS is that fish can be stocked in greater numbers. For instance, a pound of fish can be raised for every gallon of water. Because of this new development, space and water required for raising fishes were greatly reduced compared to netting-based and fish pond systems.

Why Choose Indoor Growing For Plants And Vegetables?

Even when you reside at a place where you can plant in your surroundings or backyard, you can only cultivate seasonally, depending on the time that is favorable for a particular plant. What this means is that certain vegetables you enjoy eating may not be available at a particular season. But with an indoor growing system, you can have your vegetable year round without ceasing. Outdoor cultivating system exposes your vegetables to atmospheric elements that are favorable to the plant for selected months, while your insulated house will provide a favorable environment to grow the plant all year round.

Maximize your Cannabis Greenhouse with Light Deprivation

Cannabis greenhouses have the potential to help maximize production while offering tremendous benefits to farmers and the environment. With the light deprivation system, an optimum growing environment is enhanced with complete 12 hours of night and day photosynthesis.

3 Flooring Options For Your Greenhouse

In contrast to a regular house, an all year round insulated greenhouse does not require a finished floor. Most of the floor area will be used for planting which often does not require a leveled finishing surface. Usually, the flooring option of a green house is influenced by the planting method to be applied. The planting method may be; directly on the soil, on raised beds, aquaponic or hydroponic system.

The floor and the soil below the greenhouse should be maintained at a stable temperature. This is achieved by insulating the foundation.

Project Update: Northern California Greenhouse (Day 2)

This week the install crews are finalizing a build in Northern CA. This area is already in the 30’s at night lows and we are installing “our” radiant heated planter bed system now which will also be available online to purchase very shortly. The system not only heats the root zone of the plants but in turn creates CO2 within the environment and also thermally heats the greenhouse all within one system. Along with this technology our full use management software will be installed for further beta testing with this facility by the end of next week.

Project Update: Northern California Greenhouse (Day 1)

Day one of a multi-day project went off without a hitch. This Northern California greenhouse is well on its way to becoming one of our state-of-the-art agricultural facilities.

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