The Spirit of Collaborations

Collaborations are valuable so long as they’re with the right partners. That’s why were thrilled to be working with both Dyna-Gro and SinglePoint, two companies that we’re building strong business foundations with so that we can thrive as we collectively grow.

Dyna-Gro is a very well-known nutrient company in business for 35 years, with an iron-clad reputation for quality and customer care. They create and sell unique, powerful health food for horticulture. Use of their products result in increased crop volume and exceptional quality of cannabis and food harvested by growers using Next Generation Farming equipment. Our collaboration is two-pronged. One, our customers can now buy Dyna-Gro nutrients direct from us. Additionally, we’re using Dyna-Gro products for testing to refine our SMARTAPP so it can function perfectly with the nutrient system needed so horticulture can thrive, making for a most satisfied customer. We look forward to a very profitable, inventive partnership and already have more ideas in the works.

SinglePoint is another incredible company we recently established a formal relationship with. They’re a pioneering company, with strong leadership, building out a cryptocurrency solution for cannabis related transactions. Together, we’re working to make it so those transactions transpire on our SMARTAPP. Given banking restrictions on many cannabis related companies, innovation like this is a fantastic solution. We’re moving full steam ahead with them.

Without strong partnerships, companies can often miss out on opportunities and the strengths others bring to the table to enrich businesses. Our eyes are peeled as we seek out opportunities that advance our mission objectives and increase the value of our company. As always, we’ll update our investors and customers as we grow.

Thank you for your support.

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