SMARTAPP Update 1.1

As you’ve likely heard, our SMARTAPP has been refreshed to function even better given generous feedback from our users and CEO who’s always in the field perfecting our products and installs. Below is a quick summary of what’s been improved upon in addition to a data sheet.

  • User is now able to manually override controls for the peripheral devices (fans, lights, etc). Previously, the user was only able to view the state of the devices.
  • Device names, instead of channel numbers, are now read from the iGrow configuration. Previously, only channels were used to define areas but the user can now customize labeling to descriptions like “Left Fan”.
  • The user now has complete support for irrigation scheduling, including ability to set time of day, duration of watering for each individual zone, and days of the week to run the program.
  • The update is for both the iOS app and a includes a corresponding device firmware update.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sessions would expire after 24 hours, and app would need to be re-started.

Learn more, by clicking here to review the data sheet:

SMART APP datasheet

Let us know what you think, or any suggestions you may have, in the comments!

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