Smart Cannabis Rolls Out SMARTAPP Update Enabling Greater Remote Operating Features for Cannabis Growers

SACRAMENTO, CA — (March 29, 2018) Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTC: SCNA) announced update 1.1 to its SMARTAPP today. In response to feedback from users, the app makes it easier for a site manager to manage the most intricate parts of a grow remotely. Additionally, a few minor bugs were successfully addressed.

The SMARTAPP, featured exclusively in the Apple App Store, was originally released in January 2018. New features to the app include management of equipment, labeling equipment specifically, complete support for irrigation scheduling, and more. The revised app is immediately available in the Apple App Store.

This app update is both in response to suggestions by our users as well as the company’s vision to bring sensible automation to the rapidly growing cannabis market. To date, the SMARTAPP is installed and being used daily for SCNA customers in active production greenhouses. The app offers unprecedented monitoring and control of the clients investment as well as the opportunity to fine tune the entire ecosystem of the automated greenhouse systems built and installed by SCNA primary subsidiary, Next Generation Farming.

Smart Cannabis (OTC PINK: SCNA) is a public equity corporation advancing the agriculture and cannabis industries and growing through acquisition, strategic alliances, and proprietary intellectual property. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Next Generation Farming Inc., provides turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouses systems that efficiently improve yields and decrease water consumption for cultivators of organic food and cannabis crops. The company websites are and
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