Savoring Good Weed Means Being Fully Wired!

One must be fully wired to enjoy the effects of good weed. This may sound like a contradiction in terms to most, given the drug’s primary quality to calm nerves and anxiety. But when one refers to being “wired” with state-of-the-art cannabis technologies in a rapid-growing “Green Rush,” it makes all the sense in the world.

When the legalization of recreational pot arrived at the Golden State’s front door on New Year’s Day, scores of Californians jumped for joy. Consumers were thrilled about the freedom to get high, growers and cultivators saw the promise of growing demand, and retailers prepared for a swarm of new customers lining up outside their doors.

This is, indeed, a historic time in our state’s future, with promise and opportunity emerging for many people, families and communities. But as this groundbreaking weed windfall takes place before our very eyes, let’s remember to make cannabis technology a very high priority.

Lest we forget, the Trump Administration, under the eagle eyes of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, vows to bring greater scrutiny and accountability to California and all other states that have embarked on legalization. Late last year, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control rolled out a slew of new, complex regulations and guidelines for cannabis stakeholders to follow to the letter. The last thing anyone journeying down the Hemp Highway wants is a major speedbump or sinkhole because they chose to “wing it” and not engage the best technologies and systems to help them find their way.

From day one, our company, SMART Cannabis, took important steps to be fully “wired” as the leading greenhouse manufacturer and installer in the nation. We installed unparalleled technologies that allow our commercial cultivators to monitor and control their operations with our SMARTAPP from the convenience of a smartphone and follow their grows in a “track and trace” fashion unlike any other in the marketplace. The ability to view the product’s growth patterns, health, and quality maximizes security, safety and health for the job site and surrounding community. SMART chose to move ahead of the state and federal regulatory curve by going the extra mile to provide greater transparency and accountability for our products and avert potential crises with any grow.

More recently, SMART proudly inked a joint venture co-marketing agreement with SinglePoint Technologies to implement the most effective, expedited and secure cyber currency transactions that allow clients to purchase our automated greenhouses and pay subscription fees for our “SMARTAPP” that uses online monitoring of cannabis. We recognize that the government, consumers, financial services and community leaders must have the highest level of confidence in cannabis transactions — and this begins by employing the best, state-of-the-art technologies that make things work effectively and best communicate outcomes.

What we’re doing at SMART is, indeed, cutting edge, but there are so many facets to this green rush that can and should be considered by other forward-thinking innovators. How can we further leverage technologies to transport product within our own communities and across key sectors (health care, retail, and more)? What other applications or systems will help to further monitor the grade, quality, content and any hazards of cannabis — down to the molecule and atom? How can customers and retailers receive the most current, accurate updates on regulations, rules, laws and guidelines to ensure they are compliant?

This is just the start — we will no doubt witness more twists and turns to this fast-budding weed-a-palooza, both here in California and across the nation. Let’s be sure that we continue to push for the best possible inventions, innovations and ideas that keep all of us ahead of the cannabis curve so that all of us can inhale, exhale and sit back with relief that we were fully wired and did it right from beginning to end.

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